Posted June 6, 2024
The Importance and Benefits of Onsite Security

For a business that serves alcohol, it can be beneficial to have a security presence in place to help mitigate or prevent incidents. Less incidents or disruptions to normal operations typically lead to a more profitable business. It may also provide your business with a better reputation. Here are some of the benefits that having onsite security can bring to your business.


This is one of the most common services that security personnel provide. Although it is a bit monotonous, it is one of the most important duties. It allows you to verify a patron’s identity and ensure that they are legally allowed to purchase or consume alcohol. Carding patrons at the door can help keep out underage patrons and lessen the risk of them being served.


It is important to stay under the occupancy limit of your establishment. Having security keep count of the number of patrons entering the establishment will help avoid overcrowding. In the event of a fire or emergency, it is important to allow for proper evacuation and accessibility for emergency personnel to maneuver as necessary.

Monitoring the Establishment

Security personnel should monitor all areas of the establishment while on duty. This can help prevent a variety of incidents from occurring. For example, if security notices a drink spill, they can act quickly to ensure the area is cleaned and injuries are prevented. Another example is that they may notice a patron trying to access an employee only area. The patron can be stopped, which may prevent a crime, injury, or other disruption to operations.

Identify Problem Patrons

Having security on the premises can help prevent things from escalating or starting in the first place. Along with monitoring entrance and exit points, security should be observing patron behavior. They can look for patrons who are exhibiting signs of intoxication and make sure they are cut off or asked to leave. Security personnel can keep an eye out for a patron who appears to be starting arguments, as these things can escalate quickly. If a fight does occur, having trained security on the premises, who can respond immediately and prevent further escalation, can help you prevent a costly claim.

Many of the incidents that occur in our industry can be prevented with proper security in place. Although employing onsite security is a positive step, there needs to be proper training and response procedures for these employees as well. Inadequate training can have unintended consequences, including injury, theft, and costly liability claims. Repetitive incidents can harm your business’s reputation and ultimately your ability to remain profitable.


All security personnel should be provided with training. Some cities or states may require these employees to complete a training program provided by a third-party training service. If it is not required in your area, it is still a good idea to consider for your security personnel. If you decide against using a training service, an in-house training program should be established. All security personnel should be trained in the proper procedures related to security, safety, and organization of the establishment. Security personnel should also be trained in responsible alcohol serving and signs of intoxication.

Hands-off Approach

It is recommended that you implement a hands-off approach for your security personnel. These employees may find themselves in stressful and high-tension situations at times. It is important that they do not escalate the situation any further by becoming physical. An attempt to de-escalate the situation should be made verbally. If the patron, or patrons, do not cooperate, then the security personnel should alert the proper authorities. If there is an emergency situation where security has to get physical, they should be properly trained on how to handle the situation.


Certain tools or instruments can be beneficial for security personnel. An ID scanner is a great tool for checking IDs, as well as keeping a database of patrons. Flashlights can be used to provide better visibility in low lighting areas. Wands or metal detectors can be used to prevent any materials from entering your establishment that are not approved. Communication is an important aspect of security, especially larger establishments with multiple personnel, so earpieces or walkie talkies can be effective in keeping constant communication.


Before each shift, a quick briefing on proper procedures and duties of each security member should take place. This provides a refresher for all personnel and provides an opportunity to identify any areas you would like to emphasize. A debriefing after each shift is beneficial as well, to identify areas for improvement.

With proper training and procedures in place, a security presence can be advantageous to a business. The more incidents that are prevented, the more time, money, and effort a business owner can put into running a successful business. Security personnel and alcohol server trainings are available through our safety education partner, Katkin. Visit for more information.