The Perils of Being Pet-Friendly

A recent trend in the food and beverage industry is to allow dogs to accompany their owners when they grab a bite or enjoy a drink on the outdoor patio. This pet-friendly policy is a great way to attract more customers but is also a way to attract an increased risk to your liability...

Posted September 13, 2021

Take a Closer Look at Functional Replacement Cost

Most business owners understand Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value when it comes to insuring their building. However, they may not be familiar with Functional Replacement Cost. There are several situations in which this is a cost-effective and practical approach to building insurance. The most common application is when the...

Posted August 19, 2021
Managing a Safe Delivery Program

Managing a Safe Delivery Program

The pandemic has created an environment where our businesses must change and adapt their operations to stay competitive or even remain in business. Businesses have adapted in many ways, including how they package their products (family meals, cocktails to go, etc.) and the services they provide (curbside and delivery). For franchise

Posted July 8, 2021
The Importance of Keeping Security Footage

The Importance of Keeping Security Footage

Altercations can occur at any time and often without warning. You tried to protect your business by installing a security system. Can you be sure that investment will pay off when you really need it? Consider this scenario: Two of your customers get into an altercation without warning. One of your

Posted May 3, 2021