Posted January 19, 2022
Top 10 Reasons to Buy ICC Insurance

Illinois Casualty Company’s expertise in the food and beverage industry is unparalleled. If you have ever wondered why you should choose ICC as your insurance carrier of choice, here are a few important points to consider:

  1. Niche Carrier. We are truly a niche carrier. We specialize in restaurants, bars, taverns, craft breweries, distilleries, wineries, nightclubs, gentlemen’s clubs, package liquor stores, private clubs, banquet facilities, caterers, and convenience stores. Our expertise in the food and beverage insurance allows us to stand alone as an admitted carrier that writes exclusively in the hospitality industry.
  2. Admitted Carrier vs Excess and Surplus Markets. Avoid common policy traps and pitfalls of excess and surplus markets, such as an absolute firearm exclusion, injury to performers and entertainers exclusion, assault and battery exclusion, etc. Our expertise in the niche and admitted carrier status allows us to provide you with a bulletproof policy.
  3. Liquor Sales up to 100% of Revenue. ICC will write a business with 100% liquor receipts or 100% food receipts and everything in between.
  4. Claims. Our Claims Department’s extensive knowledge with incidents common in our niche keeps us aggressively protecting your business inside and outside of the courtroom. We understand the legalities regarding food poisoning, slip and falls, altercations, and alcohol-related auto accidents better than anyone. Once again, because we write exclusively in the hospitality niche, our claims and legal team are focused on your unique concerns and have built a well-deserved and strong reputation in the food and beverage insurance world.
  5. Broad Appetite. We have a complete offering for the food and beverage industry. ICC has almost no restrictions within our niche. We write the neighborhood tavern to the white tablecloth restaurant to nightclubs, 24-hour operations, and everything in between.
  6. Loss Control. We inspect each business we write with our experienced in-house Loss Control Representatives. We do not use third-party inspection outfits, and we always schedule appointments. Our inspectors have a unique skill set and experience because when they show up to your business, they have just come from a similar business. We focus on preventative measures to protect you from hazardous incidents and abide by the National Fire Protection Association standards for fire safety and compliance.
  7. Value-Added Training. We offer the opportunity for free OnTap (Training Alcohol Providers) training to your employees. Our OnTap training is recognized as a qualifying program in several states to their own alcohol training programs.
  8. Customized Coverage. Our coverage is ISO-based, but uniquely modified for the food and beverage niche. For example, our Utility Services – Time Element Coverage has a 6-hour disappearing deductible for a utility loss while the industry standard is 72 hours. We understand what coverages are needed and important to your business.
  9. Delivery. We include non-owned auto coverage on every policy. We can insure your delivery exposure when one of your employees uses their own vehicle to deliver your food. We can also cover your liability when using a third-party delivery service.
  10. No Aggregate Limit on Liquor Liability Policies. The importance of this coverage cannot be overstated. Our expertise in the niche allows us to stand out as a leader in offering this coverage. With most other carriers, you can be out of insurance after a liquor liability loss and not be aware of it.

You can learn more about insuring your restaurant or tavern with ICC by contacting an ICC agent today. The Find an Agent search on our homepage will help you find an ICC agent in your area.