Posted April 9, 2024
The ICC Advantage: Assault and Battery Coverage

Many insurance carriers limit or exclude assault and battery coverage. Illinois Casualty Company (ICC) includes assault and battery as part of our standard coverage for both liquor and BOP liability policies. Instead of an exclusion, ICC focuses on providing loss prevention practices to mitigate potential claims. We offer our OnTAP (Training Alcohol Providers) server training for free to policyholders and a paid version through our safety education partner, Katkin. ICC also invests in thorough claims investigations to provide a vigorous defense when appropriate.

At ICC, we recognize that altercations are an unfortunate occurrence that happens occasionally in businesses serving liquor. If one results in injury, such as a broken jaw, a notice of a suit will most likely be presented to the bar’s insurance carrier. Many carriers will deny coverage and refuse to defend the tavern because their policy contains an Assault and Battery Exclusion.

On average, 51% of ICC’s liquor liability claims and 18% of BOP liability claims would not have been covered if our policies had contained an Assault and Battery Exclusion.

A policy that excludes or limits assault and battery coverage is likely going to be much less expensive and should be.

If you are insured by ICC and would like more information about ICC’s OnTAP program, reach out to Additional trainings are available nationwide, in-person and online. Find out more at