Posted August 22, 2022
ICC's Online Rating System for Agents

ICC is committed to having Best-in-Class systems to support our agency partners and insureds. In 2021, ICC created an Online Rating system with input from our agency partners. We understand that with any new system there is always room for improvement. That is why we continue to enhance the user experience and are including the most requested enhancements.

Changes Made in 2022

  • Agents can download a PDF of the ICC application with the data entered in the Online Rating system
  • Scheduled credits and debits can be input by agents
  • Agents can change the Classification throughout the Online Rating process
  • Autofill now includes more prefilled items
  • Additional automated discounts have been added to ensure more accurate quotes
  • Added third-party address verification to assist with accuracy at time of quoting
  • Enhanced the first page validations to reduce frustrations

Updates Coming Soon

  • At the time of rating, if any errors are encountered, the Online Rating system will take you to the field that has the error - after all errors are corrected, the system will allow you to rate
  • Electronic Supplemental Applications will be available
  • Required supplemental applications will be part of the Online Rating process to reduce the amount of time needed for Underwriting to review and finalize a quote
  • Applications for potential discounts will be available to calculate the discount in the Online Rating system

ICC agents can reach out to their Underwriting Team with questions or for assistance with the Online Rating system. Interested in becoming an agent with ICC? Fill out our short inquiry form to connect with the Marketing Representative in your area.