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As part of our commitment to the food and beverage industry, ICC offers FREE server training to our policyholders. This comprehensive training is designed for all staff members working in the alcoholic beverages industry, including owners, managers, servers, and security personnel.

On TAP is state certified in Illinois and Indiana. Completion satisfies mandatory server training requirements in both states, and it may qualify ICC policyholders for an additional discount on their Liquor Liability Insurance.

To find out when the next On TAP will be held, click the Registration link below.

ICC currently conducts business in the states highlighted on the map. Click on a state link to view other helpful resources in those states, or HERE for national resources.

Why is Cyber Protection Important?

Cybercrime is the fastest growing criminal “enterprise” in the world, but cyber liability can extend well beyond data compromised in a breach. Consider these cyber security risks not typically covered by standard business property/liability policies (often, they are specifically excluded):

Areas of Cyber Liability Examples of Type of Cyber Risk
Point of Sale System Security breach could expose customer personal financial information on credit/debit cards. Could also lead to customer lawsuits. Potential for fines/Penalties for PCI DSS non-compliance.
Company Laptop or Mobile Device Lost or stolen device could expose stored customer and/or employee private information
Company Network & Server Intentional "hack", malware virus, or accidental damage could shut down point of sale system, expose customer and/or employee information, interrupt overall business operation and damage your reputation.
Website and Social Media Sites Unintentional use of third party copyrighted content on your Website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account could result in a trademark infringement lawsuit.

See the Cyber Protection Policy Form for a complete description.

To address these exposures, all ICC Businessowners Policies now automatically include Cyber Liability Coverage with a $50,000 limit.

First Party Coverages include:

  • Privacy Breach Response Costs, Customer Notification Expenses, and Customer Support and Credit Monitoring Expenses Includes all reasonable legal, public relations, advertising, IT forensic, call center, credit monitoring, and postage expenses incurred by the insured as a result of a privacy breach.
  • Network Asset Protection Coverage for amounts incurred to recover and/or replace data that is compromised, damaged, lost, erased, or corrupted due to accidental damage or destruction of electronic media or computer hardware, administrative or operational mistakes in the handling of electronic data, or computer crime/attacks. Coverage also extends to business income loss and interruption expenses incurred as a result of a total or partial interruption of the insured’s computer system directly caused by any of the above events.
  • Cyber Extortion Will pay extortion expenses and extortion monies as a direct result of a credible cyber extortion threat.
  • Cyber Terrorism Coverage for income loss and interruption expenses as a result of the total or partial interruption of the insured’s computer system due to a cyber terrorism attack.
  • BrandGuard™ Coverage for lost revenue directly resulting from an adverse media report and/or notification to customers of a security or privacy breach.

Third Party Coverages included:

  • Multimedia Insurance Coverage for third party claims alleging copyright or trademark infringement, libel or slander, or plagiarism. Covers both online and offline media.
  • Security & Privacy Liability Insurance Coverage for third party claims alleging liability resulting from a security or privacy breach, including the failure to safeguard online or offline information, or the failure to prevent virus attacks, denial of service of attacks, or the transmission of malicious code.
  • Privacy Regulatory Defense and Penalties Coverage for defense costs and regulatory fines/penalties incurred in defending against regulatory investigations of privacy or security breaches.
  • PCI DSS Assessment Provides coverage for the fines and penalties levied by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards council (VISA, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover, and JCB) against merchants who are not PCI DSS compliant.

See the Cyber Protection Policy Form for a complete description.

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ICC periodically obtains lists of liquor license holders from the state regulatory agencies. These lists are available, free of charge, to our agents. The lists contain DBA name and address, and where available, phone numbers and liquor license expiration dates. The lists are available as an Excel spreadsheet, and are “scrubbed” of current ICC policyholders (current policyholders are removed from the list). Lead lists may be requested by county. You can specify up to ten counties, total. Questions regarding Lead Lists should be directed to the Marketing Department:

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