Customer Reviews

And the Survey Says…

At the close of every claim, ICC sends a satisfaction survey to the insured. The following comments are taken from survey responses.

“Fantastic service and help. Thank you."
- Portage, WI
“Best absolute claims process I have ever experienced with any insurance company, bar none!."
-Saint Paul, MN 
“Process was easy. Thank you."
-Elkhart, IN
“David is the best adjuster I have ever worked with. Very congenial, pleasant, and detailed. I wish my employees could take lessons from him."
- Kansas City, MO
“The ease of the whole process was great. Rep was awesome!!! Wish all businesses performed like this."
- Chillicothe, IL
“Loved our insurance guy! Class act."
-Spring Valley, IL
“I would like to thank you for [your] friendliness and immediate response upon filing this claim. This claim was my first after owning the business for 15 years. Thanks again for all your help."
- Ames, IA
“We are very satisfied with your Company. Claims rep was very, very good!"
- Sunrise Beach, MO


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